The project explores the intimate relationship between humanity and nature. It talks about a trip. It’s a sensitive and sensual journey of deep sound and visual exploration, a living matter that was collected for the purpose of serving as a piece of art, in different stages of development and protection of life. Corresponds to a sculpture / performance where the sound, the drawing inscribed in the three-dimensional matter itself, the sculpture, had a component based on a construction and an improvised meeting, composed in real time in residence or ‘in situ’.

This is a story about whale singing and nomadic singing, the duality of sea and land, the trip to culture and the tribe, respect for the natural movement of things and life, the circle, life, the wisdom it carries, and that we are all nature in all its essence, even when we forget it, because … sometimes we forget.


Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Mestre André. Video Joana Linda.


*As cultural agents, we felt the responsibility to make space for contemporary creation and contribute to attenuating the overwhelming effects that the pandemic had on the cultural sector, which was deeply massacred by this situation. Therefore, Lisboa Soa opened an open call for artists residing in Portugal to create sound installations and sculptures adapted or created specifically for the festival, having awarded 6 grants of €1500.

The theme that set the tone for this call was “The Journey”.