Audiovisual performance that explores the relationships between sound, light and other physical phenomena through the use of ordinary objects, producing material reactions of cause and effect.
An experimentation on its symbolic and physical influence on human behavior. The performance is developed by assembling and spatially manipulating different passive and active conventional devices, transducing energy pulses in a variety of sounds and light intensities. The duration and development of each performance involves the architecture of place and the observer as decisive factors, modifying each situation according to its reactions and responses. Té No. 3 (El Alambique) is an exploration around the dualism of what we consider animate and inanimate. Sounds are not merely products of what is alive or a residual phenomenon;
they are living, albeit transitory, entities; even what is dead or inanimate continues to resonate. This perspective on performance dissolves the perceptual and phenomenological boundaries between objects, energies and bodies, generating and influencing each other with unexpected results.