Lisboa Soa defines itself as an itinerant and participatory sound art festival, which aims to enhance artistic creation, but also to give it a social and ecological context through direct intervention in public space.
Since 2016, Lisboa Soa has grown in contact and in the discovery of different places, in their experience and spatial, acoustic or environmental characteristics. In five editions, the festival occupied magnificent spaces such as Tapada das Necessidades, Estufa Fria de Lisboa, the Water Reservoirs (Mãe d’Água, Galeria do Loreto and Patriarcal Reservoir), Santa Clara Market or Sinel de Cordes Palace, among many others, with sound installations, performances and workshops on listening and sound technologies.
One of Lisboa Soa’s main goals is to bring the public to iconic spaces that are often far removed from people’s daily lives and to create an auditory experience that guides visitors in these places, while at the same time encouraging a reflection on human involvement with the environment, with other species, with urban growth and with the way these are connected through sound. It is not just noise that occupies us, but sound in the broadest sense, sound as a resource to understand the environment, sound as a unifier and shared space, sound as an identity factor of the places we inhabit, sound as an element of aesthetic enjoyment and pleasure.