Lisboa Soa agreed a partnership with the Chilean festival Tsonami, a sound art festival that has been dedicated since 2007 to providing space for artists from all over the world to experiment with sound through multimedia performances, concerts and installations. Tsonami’s director, Fernando Godoy, commissioned two artists to accompany him to Lisbon, Rodrigo Araya and Natacha Cabellos, where they made installations in an artistic residency format and presented performances.

About these installations: Considering the Cold Greenhouse as an artificial space of controlled nature, the work intervened in three places where object systems and interactions with the surroundings were articulated. These exchanges between flows and energies produced sound, light and mechanical phenomena, articulating compositions of objects that contrasted with the natural environment, but whose autonomous and unpredictable behaviours call upon the energies of this place.

Photos Vera Marmelo.