Just as we are perpetually surrounded by sound, quotidian soundscapes are unavoidable, ever mutating but still somewhat constant and context specific. The recurring qualities of sound patterns from places we have experienced life in, become subtly embedded in our sense of home, familiarity, belonging and thus also in the fabric of our memory and identity.

To lives in migration, the process of finding belonging in a sound scenery, is repeatedly followed by a departure from that daily sonic emersion to an entirely different one, fragmenting memory and identity to a certain extent.

Part installation, part performance, part artistic research, feeding from the personal and autobiographical, the audience is invited to sit with the artist in the city she was born in, with an ear in Lisbon, “Estufa Fria” and another in Rio, Paris, Leicester, Munich, Parede, Berlin or listen to these environments in any combination.

Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Taiga Trigo.