Based on the idea and practice of a “vibrational experience” and the therapeutic effects (relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction) of low frequency sound and subwoofers, Stefanie Egedy has created a body of work entitled “BODIES AND SUBWOOFERS (B.A.S.)”. – a series of site-specific installations and concerts, with compositions produced for each venue. The artist analyzes the specificities of the room, arranges the subwoofers and selects the low-frequency sound waves, taking into account sound characteristics such as the resonances and reverberations that are created in interaction with the architecture of the room and its transparency, since they are perceived only in a tactile way. This stimulus for the whole body invites us to come into contact with different types of vibrations and to be shaken by them.

Invisible to the eye but immediately perceived by the body, the sound touch involves bodies and spaces. These long sound waves are capable of filling the air with pressure as they pass through bodies. To feel touched and embraced by sound waves, the skin feels and the body hears a sound massage made possible by low-frequency sound waves and subwoofers. The invisible touch of sound.