Are you there?

How could you know it is you if the algorithm is not helping either of us in recognition?

In what terms can you recognize your ‘self’ after years of (self) extraction?

This ‘fragment for an installation’ is related to the book and virtual platform “a body as listening – resonant cartography of music (im)materialities” by Joana Sá, portuguese artist, pianist-composer, that will be launched in this context of Lisboa Soa. In turn, these various outputs are part of a broader project ‘resonant cartography of music (im)materialities’ that will unfold in multiple formats between 2023-2024. In addition to the expanded book, virtual platform and this ‘fragment for an installation’, this project encompasses a new solo album ‘a body as listening’, a new show with the same name that will premiere on January 12, 2024 at Culturgest, conferences-performance and new installation formats from the ‘fragment’ now presented. Cookies policy dictates the (non)rules of a (non)game where cartography and navigation are not opposing dualities, but dimensions of the same resonant process.

Music and texts, Joana Sá

Video, Rita Sá

Virtual platform and images:

Video, illustrations, Rita Sá

Ana Viana, design

Nuno Bengalito, web development