We all possess incredible inner narratives waiting to find a way to express them. ‘Darkless’ is a research and artistic creation project, from the multimedia artist Rudolfo Quintas, that enables a form of inner liberation and the discovery of new sensibilities. The project has as distinctive features the participation and collaboration of blind people in creative processes in the digital arts that involves the exploration of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and the development of new cognitive experiences. It is a project about artistic and humanistic thinking in the relationship between the body and technology.

Since 2016 the project has developed a series of concepts, performances, films, workshops and audiovisual installations that enable the creation of a new mental image of the body through sound immersion based on an idea of acoustic incorporation. This acoustic embodiment consists in altering the body’s normal state of perception in relation to space through digital sounds produced by analyzing gestures and body movements. The artistic research seeks to understand how this change in perception can trigger new cognitive states, open up new imaginaries and transform one’s perception of the world.

The exhibition brings together, for the first time, a set of immersive and interactive installations, a film, a workshop and a dinner-performance, allowing a broad look at this artistic research.

Support from República Portuguesa/DGArtes