‘Escavação em 48 minutos – Desenho em movimento’, audiovisual installation from the musician and artist Cláudia Guerreiro, questions the idea of epiphany, of divine inspiration, of the ray of light that hits the artist. It is a drawing made in 48 minutes without interruptions, recorded on video and sounded by Rui Carvalho (archaeologist specialized in upper paleolithic), in a direct take on guitar. An excavation in real time that seeks the light, building and deconstructing, digging as if it were a cave. It is the construction of a space in graphite and guitar in which each frame is a new drawing.

From the light that appears and disappears, to the drops of water that seem to be heard in the darkness of the cave, this moving drawing argues that epiphany is only found because one seeks it. How could one find it if one did not look for it?