Lisboa Soa agreed a partnership with the Chilean festival Tsonami, a sound art festival that has been dedicated since 2007 to providing space for artists from all over the world to experiment with sound through multimedia performances, concerts and installations. Tsonami’s director, Fernando Godoy, commissioned two artists to accompany him to Lisbon, Rodrigo Araya and Natacha Cabellos, where they made installations in an artistic residency format and presented performances.

Natacha Cabellos worked on plant migration, allochthonous plants that do not have their origin in the place they now occupy, a silent migration, in which the main vehicle for crossing long distances has been the human being. Despite their sometimes natural, sometimes forced migration, these plants proliferated in other ecosystems, resisted and became naturalized.

Laboratory for a migrant plant investigated the plants of the Sweet House, looking for those coming from Latin America, to set up a laboratory of gestures as our ancestors, our indigenous peoples or our grandmothers would have done, a gesture ritual-poetic based on the intuitive act of talking to the plants, of providing them a caress or a song, thus working sound as an expression of affection.



Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Marcus Rovisco.