Lisboa Soa’s goal is to stimulate listening in order to better understand the place we occupy and awaken a greater awareness of the impact of human presence on the planet. In 2021, after five editions – one of them especially intense in a year of pandemic and restrictions – Lisboa Soa decided to “listen back”, commissioning four compositions from four Portuguese artists, who dived into the festival’s sound archive and created new interpretations and meanings from it. It is from these compositions that this album is composed: a work about memory, with ears set on the future.


João Castro Pinto, Efflux

Sara Pinheiro, Do que Ressoa

Mestre André, No Earlids

Ana Guedes, Splicing_archives_

From records of the Lisboa Soa 2016-2020 archives.

Recordings by Mestre André and José Bica, sound direction by Hélder Nelson.

Photos by Vera Marmelo. Master and design by Miguel Carvalhais

Curated by Raquel Castro