The exhibition »Urban Sound Art« documents the large sound installation projects created by Bonn city sound artists since 2010. Sound art in public spaces constitutes the centre of bonn hoeren’s artistic work and research area. Initiated in 2010 by the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the City of Bonn, the curated project by Carsten Seiffarth (Berlin) has been studying continuously the acoustic conditions and sonic contexts which define modern urban spaces. For that bonn hoeren appoints yearly one artist to be that year’s city sound artist of Bonn. And with a residency the artist realizes a new sound installation for the city. In addition, the residences include acoustic research and onsite investigations as well as scientific side events and education projects.

Works by Sam Auinger (2010), Erwin Stache (2011), Andreas Oldörp (2012), Christina Kubisch (2013), Max Eastley (2014), Stefan Rummel (2014), Edwin van der Heide (2015), Gordon Monahan (2016), Maia Urstad (2017), Akio Suzuki (2018) and Bill Fontana (2019) give an overview of how diverse the sound artists’ engagement with urban situations and spaces under bonn hoeren is. In their own unique ways, they all address subjects such as the interaction between sound and public space, sound and architecture, and sound and the natural environment, demonstrating the abundance of perspectives sound works »in situ« can offer.

»Urban Sound Art« is an exhibition of bonn hoeren, a project from the Beethoven Foundation for Art and Culture of the City of Bonn.

Artistic and Project Director: Carsten Seiffarth

Exhibition texts: Markus Steffens

Translations English: Philip Jacobs

Set-up design Lissabon: Carsten Stabenow

Design: graphic office cyan, berlin