With the composition already duly postulated on the beautiful Volúpias album, where he worked a classic format of drums, saxophone and double bass in a language without time but very much his own, he has taken courageous steps in his solo affirmation, always risky terrain and rarely pressing in the fields percussion. Discarding any kind of sterile virtuosity, even knowing in advance of his prodigious technique, Ferrandini leverages his drums and percussion to a state of blissful confluence between rhythm, texture and harmony. Closer to some contemporary or electro-acoustic music of goodness than to jazz, although carrying with it this idea of freedom and life, Ferrandini’s solitary music explores and opens itself to the lyricism of skins, dishes and other matter through amplification, electronic processing, managing silence and balancing the knife edge between containment and fire. With key moments like the presentation of ‘Tudo Bumbo’ or his play ‘Rosa. Thorn. Hardness’ to score points in this rise, Ferrandini is now preparing the release of an album born out of that desire. Possible portrait for the posterity of a very personal facet known on the stage.


Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Mestre André. Video Joana Linda.