Launch of the book and virtual platform

Are you there? Can you touch this?

(Listening is touching at the distance)

This book and virtual platform unfold from the perspective of a musical practice by taking your body as part of this resonant cartography.

It will imply exploring all kinds of (im)possible resonant and vibratory processes.

All entities responsible for this book cannot, however, predict, ‘what a body can do’ or take entire responsibility for its actions and outcomes.

By navigating the two streams in this book, you agree with the fact that we do not provide the best experience, therefore agreeing and feeding the possibility of failure.

This book and platform do NOT use cookies.


Text, music and sound pieces, Joana Sá

Illustrations, Rita Sá

Design, Horácio Frutuoso

Other graphic elements, Ana Viana

Web development, Nuno Bengalito