Akio Suzuki was born in 1941 in Pyongyang. Since his first sound exploration in 1963, where he threw objects down the stairs at Nagoya Station, Suzuki has sought to use listening as an artistic practice. Known as a pioneer in the art of sound, he is a quester of “sound and space”, inventor and instrument builder. At Lisboa Soa, he offered us one of the most memorable moments, when, walking in circles through the Tapada greenhouse, Akio hit two stones with his hands, alternating rhythms and patterns in a constant exploration of the sound within space. The audience of all ages, arranged around him, silently watched the different objects he was taking from a box, attentive to the subtle sounds he took from them. Without any amplification, Akio played with the reverberations of space and its echoes, leaving us suspended in earthly but ethereal sounds at the same time. He ended the performance with the famous Analapos, an instrument he created in the 70s.