Immersive concert that joins harpist Angélica Salvi with percussionist João Pais Filipe. Angélica Salvi plays the harp with electronic resources, having released the acclaimed album “Phantone” in 2019. João Pais Filipe, who edited “Sun Oddly Quiet” in April 2020, is an impressive percussionist who builds gongs, cymbals and other percussion instruments.

This concert was created especially for the National Pantheon space: Angélica’s harp merged with the continuous sound of João’s gongs, in a meditative journey through transcendence without mysticism, a pulsating communion with the noble space that is the National Pantheon and its deeply reverberating acoustics. It was a unique, unrepeatable concert, entirely designed for that context.



Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Mestre André. Video Joana Linda.