An intensive research piece focusing on the transcendental phenomenon of the Northern Lights and their voices. The performance, by Marta Zapparoli, Italian sound artist, improviser, radio artist, performer and independent researcher, uses outdoor recordings of natural VLF radio phenomena made in Norway, combined with the use of a self-made crystal radio, plus light, detectors and motors, to simulate a technological audiovisual version of the Northern Lights in space. The detector device emits sounds that respond to electromagnetic fields and different types and intensities of generated light. Specific motors are also used to generate a continuity of electromagnetic forces in the space of the show, captured by the sensors. Visible and invisible processes in a contained form. The term “interdimensional” refers specifically to the movement of energy between modes of perception in space-time dimensions.

Part of this energy comes from the composite mix of “natural cosmic voices”, which change in various sound properties; and part comes from the electromagnetic forces generated in real time during the performance. The piece makes full use of the contrasts of invisible processes, to create a new experience of space, time and human scale. This is an attempt to achieve a unique sound dialog between the “Natural” and the “Technological” world, a reflection on Nature that is imitated by technology in an anthropogenic age.

This project was supported by Musikfonds STIP(II) & NEUSTART KULTUR in 2022.