Long Ways, by Rafael Toral, producer, composer and performer, is more than a piece, it’s an infinite exercise on the electric guitar in an almost “non-concert”. The subject of Long Ways is sound, or rather, the permanence of a relationship. Being with sound, in space. The vehicle is the guitar, which traces a path without a defined direction (rather, it avoids it), maintaining contact with segmented forms, originating in multiple cultures of the instrument. These forms are unified in Long Ways not because of their musical function, but because they are ways of making sound. An exercise in vulnerability, which begins and ends, but has no beginning or end.

Milky Ways, in the second part of the concert, explores the reverse of the previous experience, filling the space, visiting the depths and summits of sound matter. Multiple forms too, but others and now in a continuous flow from within the sound, becoming a sensory experience.