Exposure is to live in a system. Exposure to vibrations. Exposure to vibrating particles.

We expose our atmosphere to increased emissions, and it thins and thickens in all the wrong ways, exposing us in turn. This is no longer about a future apocalyptic. Expōnēre is the present imperative, and passive… in a language from the past. It is about survival. It’s about hanging on, to something, even in limbo.

An uncanny voice tells a bit of the story, in pieces chosen from a random generator⋯creating, repeating, shifting, recreating. Sounds from archives of various times and places do the same, all under events of catastrophic measure⋯an earthquake, a tsunami, a fire, an extinction, a meltdown, a cancellation, a silencing, a sun storm.
Complexity and interconnection, like a composition or ecology.