Sonic close-up with live crickets Acheta Domesticus.

Cycles seem natural and eternal, however their constant metamorphosis is never the same. Cycles follow their own trajectory of evolutions and emergences as strings of moments. Moments are sliced, lived and experienced, almost materialized in experience. Experience that can perceive a cycle, however only thought can follow a trajectory from the past through the present moment into the future.
Agapea employs all available technological means: sound is produced with DIY and other analogue synthesisers and manipulated with computer software, and environmental sounds are captured with a recorder which is here used as a sound amplification detector. Agapea treats technological means as no more and no less than an essential part of a biotope, i.e. like other organisms. However the performance is also a dialog between the crickets and human as much as dialog between human and technology.


Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Mestre André.