lu:wn is a collaborative project between Dawn Scarfe and Lucia H Chung exploring repetition and resonance within acoustic and electronic systems.

The performer is the string of an electric guitar: played without being touched using electromagnetic exciters which listen to the string and direct a sympathetic oscillating field back at it, making it vibrate. The ‘shivers’ of the string are occasionally adjusted with pegs. This sound is then sampled through a secondary looping circuit, creating ‘cascades of consequence’ through feedback in different forms.

LC performs and releases music under the alias ‘en creux’ where the sound creation springs from their fascinations in noise generated via feedback on digital and analog equipment, and their role as a ‘mediator-performer’ in the multifaceted relationship between the sonic events incurring within the self-regulated system.

DS makes sound installations and remote performances tuning into things with devices such as ‘listening glasses’. Collaborations include live exchanges with B-PLOT (as motion_sensing) and Jiyeon Kim (as du hwal – two bows).