Sound is everywhere. It exists on so many scales that it is sometimes difficult to understand. Its energies intertwine with the wider systems of a city, overflowing across borders and past perceived boundaries. Many of these intersecting energies are imperceptible to humans. Even spaces we think of as tranquil are actually extremely busy, full of action and energy. To produce Vanishing Points, Matilde Meireles, Portuguese sound artist and researcher, documented how some of these urban flows intersect with her own everyday movements and how she too contributes to them, recording the quiet space of her home as she cooks and works; the quiet tree-lined path on the old railway line where she often runs; the crowded trains as I travel through south-west England; the crowded London Underground lines; and the flow of people and traffic in the dense urban environments of Brixton and Bristol. As I traverse these spaces through stereo and electromagnetic field recordings, it becomes clear how everyday scenarios teem with life and activity, more than we dare to imagine.