Helga Kroeplin lives and works in Germany, she is a performer, director and teacher of voice and theatre. In Portugal she has carried out several theatre projects; her workshop at Lisboa Soa is related to the installation Dream Turn by Jutta Ravenna.

Circle Singing is a participatory sound event. It is a collaborative and playful immersion in sound and creativity, which aims to stimulate imagination, trial, error and risk, emerging from it fun and community.

This form of singing is based on the traditional singing methods of our ancestors; participants form a circle to realise improvised musical ideas.

Helga leads participants of all ages and all skill levels in vocal improvisation. Rhythms, melodic phrases and sounds circulate around the circle, rotating among the participants, giving room for surprises and individuality, allowing for changes and new ideas at every moment. Sounds that imitate rotating windmills can also influence some improvisations.

Come and raise your voice!

sign up: lisboasoa@gmail.com