Maria Komarova is an intermedia artist originally from Belarus, who engages mainly in the field of postdramatic theatre, scenography, sound and visual arts. She focuses her artistic practice on the exploration of the agency of objects, various inanimate entities and discovery of ways of their interaction. She works with the principle of rethinking primary functions of things and conscious misuse of existing technologies.
As a scenographer she aims to interconnect the technical aspect of the work with the aesthetic one, so often visual elements serve as triggers for performative situations.
Maria considers the sound as a performative medium too. She mainly uses non-amplified diy electro-acoustic instruments to create site-specific installations or performances, where these objects resonate the space and the space resonates the objects.
Maria is one of founders of theatre group PYL, International Festival of Performative Art in Minsk (Belarus) Performensk and a music band kaine anung.

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