Angela Martín has a degree in Architecture, with an interest in the area of project design and natural materials. She has developed work in the school context, in the area of artistic expression and currently promotes the Musgo Azul Association.

Nuno Torres is a Portuguese musician and sound artist. He develops his research activity in the areas of improvised and experimental music.

Tiago Fernandes has a background in Sociology. He is involved in formal and informal education projects with young people in a community context.

Gambozinos Workshop presents itself as an exercise/challenge for the creation of beings and characters that arise from our imagination. A proposal that aims to contribute to the creation of a fantastic zoology or a genre of fictional bestiary.

A first part aimed at the construction of a fictional, three-dimensional and sound fauna, using materials found in woods and forests (such as seeds, grains, wood, roots, pinecones and stones). A second part dedicated to the manipulation and musical execution, with the group, of a graphic score using the goose bumps as sound instruments.

sign up: lisboasoa@gmail.com