The Atlas of Utopian Instruments is a set of instruments, sound sources and electroacoustic devices that have as a common point the mediation between the new possibilities of electroacoustic composition and musical performance. They include several sound generators produced within the scope of Sonoscopia creations, after which they undergo a process of theoretical reflection that takes place annually in the meeting of experimental musical instruments organized by the association called Som Desorganizado (Disorganized Sound.)
In the training actions, the participants themselves construct their instruments, which are then available to improve their techniques of instrumental execution and musical creation solo or in ensembles of utopian instruments.
Meeting the physical / sound characteristics of the Patriarcal Reservoir, the workshop “Atlas of Utopian Instruments / Subterraneous Sonography”, conducted by Henrique Fernandes, proposes a sound / collaborative performance, idealised solely to be interpreted in this space. Participants, in addition to the interpretation of the sound piece itself, will have the opportunity to construct the instruments / sound objects used during the performance.