Stefanie Egedy investigates sound as a composer of conceptual pieces, music, commissioned works, and electronic music. She is currently focused on researching possibilities with low frequency sounds, bodies, and subwoofers. Sub-bass, bass, infrasound, subwoofers, and their ability to make themselves present in a space, are the foundations of her artistic practice, along with the possibilities of interaction between human/architectural bodies and sound waves, using field recordings, analog and digital synthesis. Besieged by this scenario, Egedy articulates the intersection between sound and musical language to investigate the sonic communication between beings.

In this workshop, open to all levels of professionals, listeners and non-listeners, participants are invited to explore the acoustic and tactile perception of low frequency sounds. The session begins with an introduction to the concept of sound, before delving into the specifics of low-frequency sound waves and their behaviour. The focus will be on the properties of low frequency sound, subwoofer arrangements and how to listen with your own body. Stefanie Egedy will provide relevant information about subwoofers, along with some examples of classic arrangements and how to optimise your home and event setup. At the end, Egedy will lead an experiential listening exercise with your body.

sign up: lisboasoa@gmail.com