The term soundwalk was first used by members of the World Soundscape Project under the leadership of R. Murray Schafer in Vancouver in the 1970s. Hildegard Westerkamp defined soundwalking in her 1974 essay “Soundwalking”, as “…any excursion whose main purpose is listening to the environment. It is exposing our ears to every sound around us no matter where we are.” For the first humans the act of walking will have arisen from the need to find ways of survival. Once these needs were met, walking became in part a symbolic form of relationship with the world, possibly the first aesthetic act of humanity. We can extend this theory to the act of listening, in a possible parallel history. Soundwalk-walk is a practice-based art research project, holding an emphasis on walk guided and shared aural experience of a soundscape along a path, with a concentration on movement, the external and the internal, and the relationship between our bodies listening and moving through time, space and place.