Davide Tidoni is an Italian artist who works from the boundaries of the physical, perceptual and affective dimensions of sound. His work addresses issues related to interactions with acoustic space, interdependence and impermanence. His practice also includes interests in the use of sound in countercultures and social contexts of struggle.

The ‘Performing Listening’ workshop is designed as a perceptual training for the exploration of the acoustic space and the exploration of one’s own ability to modulate and mould sound with movements. Starting from the observation of how sound behaves in space and how it interacts with bodies, the workshop aims to reflect on the active role of listeners and their ability to perceive, influence and intervene in the acoustic field.

The support for the workshop is a series of listening exercises that Davide has been developing since 2009 as part of his artistic practice. The exercises focus on specific acoustic phenomena and guide listeners towards finding sound in space, considering changes in intensity, frequency, spectrum and reverberation. Each exercise sets up a situation in which listeners experience sounds in relation to their own present self, exploring issues around the activation of acoustic space and the interdependent nature of sound events.

Maximum: 10 people

Participants with experience in dance and movement practices are encouraged to attend.

Participation preferably continuous (two days).

sign up: lisboasoa@gmail.com