Pablo Sanz‘s workshop is devoted to the collective creation of a soundwalk for headphone listening in response to the sonic ecologies of Lisbon. The participants will work with geolocated audio (sound triggered by a listener’s location and physical movement) to compose pieces and sonic narratives that will form an itinerary between Carpintarias de São Lázaro and Teatro Romano de Lisboa. The work will be based on exploring the city’s aural architecture, human and non-human voices, sonic expressions and identities, urban materialities, and the affective power of sound. The workshop will be a time and space for active listening and collaborative experimentation, engaging with different listening modes, recording strategies and audio technologies. The resulting collectively-created invisible public artwork will use the digital platform ECHOES and remain available to be experienced in-situ at any time following the festival.

This workshop is open to everyone, artists and professionals of any field and curious listeners. There is no required specific knowledge, although familiarity with digital sound tools will be helpful. Participants are invited to bring their computer with audio editing software installed (REAPER, Audacity, or others), headphones, a mobile device (iOS/Android), and any portable sound equipment they might have or want to use. We ask for commitment and participation throughout the week.

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