Multisensory Walk

Martyna Poznańska is a Polish interdisciplinary artist who works with different media in various disciplines, establishing connections between the intangible medium of sound and solid matter. This includes the practice of active listening and field recording in tangent with working with various visual tools such as video, installation, her own body and drawing, as well as listening workshops and sound walks. In response to issues related to the climate crisis, she has been exploring the symbiotic relationships between humans and non-humans, their endless entanglements.

Non-human narratives can be defined as stories told without the use of human language, but using what reigns in the natural environment, such as the furrows in the bark of trees, fallen leaves, the hum of bees, the texture of soil and the smell of water. The City of Earthly Delights emphasises the importance of using our sensual bodies to approach the environment, communicate and seek mutual understanding.

This guided walk, or installation, focuses on our multi-sensory perception of the world and how it is intrinsically entangled with non-human beings.  Participants will be blindfolded for a while and given short instructions to follow and perform.

Maximum: 8 people

sign up: lisboasoa@gmail.com