Compasso Incerto is an unstable compartment, transformed into a sound object by the activation of the public that explores it. The ability of balance and strength of each user are the tools that make both experience and sound composition unique, reacting only to the human body and its own movement, rhythm and dexterity. Working on balance and suspension are recurrent themes in Colectivo Suspeito’s work, here used to talk in a similar way about the world we live in: a global world, which lives in a hurried pace, with constant mass movements and where, for several reasons, the impetus for consumption leaves no space for moments of pause, solitude, connection with our inner selves and with those around us, contact with nature and the raw parts of the world. In an increasingly accelerated and artificialized world, this object proposes a moment of pause in the frantic pace of everyday life, to enjoy a device that could have been built in the time where distances were measured by the number of days necessary for the trip.


Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Mestre André. Video Joana Linda.


*As cultural agents, we felt the responsibility to make space for contemporary creation and contribute to attenuating the overwhelming effects that the pandemic had on the cultural sector, which was deeply massacred by this situation. Therefore, Lisboa Soa opened an open call for artists residing in Portugal to create sound installations and sculptures adapted or created specifically for the festival, having awarded 6 grants of €1500.

The theme that set the tone for this call was “The Journey”.