Public intervention in Jardim do Torel, in Lisbon, composed of a series of suspended wind pickups, activated by the force and movement of the wind. The unpredictability of the air, medium and gaseous fluid that we breathe and surround us continuously, and the randomness of the weather conditions that will be felt between September 24th and 27th, will cause tintinabulations and several resonations throughout each day to scare the spirits, in community with the air masses moving up the slope; and, in contrast to the social distance decreed during this period of public health crisis – the result of crises of various kinds, environmental, zoonotic, economic and social. In the path of the furin (wind chimes) that every summer is placed along the streets of the hot and humid cities of southern Japan – as they consider the sound they produce “refreshing” and capable of lowering the thermal sensation – these metal sculptures will add a new body of sound waves to the invisible medium that touches us, with which we exchange and engage all the time.


Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Mestre André. Video Joana Linda.


* Enquanto agentes culturais, sentimos na pele a responsabilidade de continuar a dar espaço à criação contemporânea e contribuir para atenuar os efeitos avassaladores que a pandemia teve no sector cultural, profundamente massacrado com esta situação. Por isso, o Lisboa Soa abriu uma open call para artistas residentes em Portugal para criação de instalações e esculturas sonoras adaptadas ou criadas especificamente para o festival, tendo atribuído seis bolsas de 1500 €.

O tema que deu o mote a esta chamada foi A Viagem.