Departing from an expanded world of sound and acoustic ecology, the core for Delindro´s research is a constant direct experience in remote landscapes, from the rainforests of Brazil to the Deserts of Africa he has continuously engaged with isolated communities and geographies. Without actively engaging in direct social-political messages, Delindro inevitably unveils them to the public discourse and creates discussion on the contemporary relation between humans and their rapidly changing environment. In his sound installations and performance, he explores organic materials to render audible corporeality, resonance, and processes of change.
At Lisboa Soa, Delindro presented a new piece directly related to his previous artist Residency of three months in Vietnam. During this period he developed several field recordings and site-specific research with the north minority mountain villages, their cultural practices and materials of use, namely their ancient agricultural production of Rice. Rice is called ‘white gold’ in Vietnam and has a link
to the Sanskrit name ‘Dhanya’ (meaning: “the sustainer of the human race”). The ethnic minorities in the North mountains have unique folklore traditions in relation to their landscape. In this piece, sound is used
not only as a form to directly examine organic materials in detail but also as a vehicle for interpretation of a far distant culture. The performance directly amplifies different samples of Rice Straw in a mixture of geologic experiments, performative actions and sound processing.


Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Marcus Rovisco.