Clothilde and her machines have an intimate relationship. Built from scratch by her partner Zé Diogo these modular machines have their own identity and authenticity. Clothilde approaches them as equals and that resonates in the music she creates. She or they, because at some point you can’t really differentiate one from another. That’s the beauty of Clothilde’s music, she has a unique empathy with the machines/instruments she uses, and that relationship expresses itself in every moment. This creates music impossible to predict, not necessarily related to improvisation, randomness or chaos theory, but to the unknown dialogue between humans and machines. It is a primal sense of electronic music, but one that engages the listener into a constant idea of world building. Marvellous and intense. Releases like “Twitcher” (Labareda, 2018) and “Os Princípios do Novo Homem” (Holuzam, 2021) show how pure, transparent and organic Clothilde’s sound is.