“Instrumentária Poética” is a two-sided cd book, edited by the Association A Caravana Passa. One of the sides joins Fernando Mota, Mário Melo Costa and Vasco Gato in an unprecedented joint creation involving a sound piece, a collection of photographs and a poem. The other side documents the latest phase of research and creation of Fernando Mota in collaboration with these and other artists, in objects such as the film 7 Poems for a New World, the Concerto for a Tree and the multidisciplinary show Secret Passage, which have in common the use of instruments and sound objects created from natural elements such as logs, rocks or water and a reflection on our relationship with the planet.

For the sound piece created for this edition – And what is the cascade but an infinite wave? – Fernando Mota used – for the first time  -the composition method he called Sursum Corda (1), in which all the sounds used are generated from the materials found during an artistic residency in a natural space, and later edited and assembled in the studio.



(1) Sursum Corda (Latin): “Hearts in the top”, “Let your hearts be”. It is the opening dialogue of the Preface of the Eucharistic or Anaphore Prayer in the liturgies of the Christian Church, which dates back at least to the third century and to the Anaphore of the Apostolic Tradition. Dialogue is recorded in the first liturgies of the Christian Church and is found in all the ancient rites.