Following a creative challenge proposed by Lisboa Soa, Adriana Sá recovers her “bodiless instrument”, whose last public appearance was in 2006. This instrument consists of a set of amplified wires, which used to be attached to the walls – the body of the instrument was the space where it was installed. In its current outdoor version the instrument is mounted on a fragile structure, a flexible body that still creates unforeseen events. It also functions as input to a software, along with zither. The software, developed together with John Klima, applies the difference between the detected sound frequency and the closest tone / half tone to the processing of prerecorded sounds. Those sounds are also memories of places. In addition, John’s magnetic wire creates a resonant bass body.
A mix of timbres & timings, ennobled with the audience’s experience, the curiosity, the ability to listen and imagine.


Photos Vera Marmelo. Sound recording Mestre André.