Open Conversation

Sara Pinheiro is a sound designer in the areas of cinema and video art, acousmatic composition and live performance for multi channels since 2010. She graduated in Sound for Cinema from the Escola de Teatro e Cinema (Lisbon) and in Sonology from the Institute of Sonology of the Conservatory of Music in The Hague (Netherlands). Under the School of Music at Bangor University (Wales), his PhD crosses the areas of Concrete Music and sound design for cinema. She lives in Prague, where she works as a sound designer and cultural agent.

“Field Recordings: a manifesto” explores the political implications of field recordings (FRs) in relation to sound ecology, education, art and technology. On the one hand, it addresses how FRs can become a social tool, despite the paradoxical relationship between field recording as an artistic practice and the use of social media that can lead to alienation. On the other hand, it highlights the difference between how we perceive sound properties used for aesthetic purposes and how neural networks compute these properties to create their internal structures in the process of artificial intelligence.

Sara Pinheiro conducts this open lecture/conversation that seeks to make an initial approach to the topics mentioned, with the aim of raising questions and creating awareness. Drawing on theorists such as Voegelin (2019), Steingo and Sykes (2019), LaBelle (2018) and Agostinho (2019), this open conversation addresses a pragmatic perspective on everyday life and its political implications.