After five editions, and although we know that much is still to come, we feel it is important to look back and allow ourselves the necessary time for reflection on the paths travelled and the ones that interest us, because we understand Lisboa Soa as part of a whole that is composed of research, listening and exploration. We have therefore decided to concentrate the work done so far in a book that was presented and celebrated in Castelejo, a fortification built in the middle of the 11th century, in Castelo de S. Jorge.

We invited four Portuguese artists to make new compositions from our sound archives: Ana Guedes, João Castro Pinto, Mestre André (O Morto) and Sara Pinheiro, who covered Castelejo with the unique sounds of our installations, performances and sound environments, remixed and reinterpreted here by other artists.

Victor Gama invited paL (Pedro Almeida) for a unique concert that closed the presentation of our book. Together they built a bridge between two universes: Gama’s sculptures-instruments and Lisboa Soa’s soundscapes, processed live by paL. A journey through our history, that also took us to other continents and hemispheres.

In this non-edition of the festival, we decided to work on memory, but with our ears turned to the future.

Fotografia © Vera Marmelo
Fotografia © Vera Marmelo